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Optimized Refrigeration Control For:

  • Food Manufacturing
  • Cold Storage
  • Breweries
  • Commercial Unitary Equipment
  • Ice Arenas

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose TechCold’s TCI Enhanced Refrigeration Control System?

By incorporating the best attributes of industry standard PLC systems and combining these attributes with a higher level of intelligent control through the embedded TCI processor, the marriage of these two technologies results in a higher level of control and energy savings not possible with a stand-alone PLC-based control system. You do not need to have a current PLC infrastructure to accommodate TCI. We have the resources to accommodate virtually any environment.

How does TCI work?

The ‘brains’ of the TCI system reside in the TCI processor. High-end refrigeration control algorithms have been programmed into the TCI processor. The TCI processor looks at the ‘complete’ refrigeration system (devices, loads, system pressures, temperatures, etc) and runs the system more efficiently by taking into account many dynamic aspects of the refrigeration process. The TCI system is constantly looking at what the optimum set points are, based on real time load demands within a system and real time ambient conditions. Suction and discharge pressures are raised/lowered and compressors are optimized to meet the demands of the facility and save energy.

How is the TCI System installed?

As an OEM, we have developed alliances with contractors, consultants and other refrigeration control solution providers in many geographic areas. Through these alliances, we are able to better serve our clients regardless of where they may be located. Although we have preferred contractors, our clients will often have in-house staff or their own preferred contractors that can provide the required installation services.

How does TCI save energy?

The algorithms that have been programmed into the TCI processor offer control over devices in ‘real time’. What this means is that TCI will auto rank devices such as compressors to meet the demands of the system and load these devices based on capacities. For example, it is very inefficient to run screw compressors unloaded. TCI will choose which compressors to run, load the compressors to as close to 100% as feasible and choose the right mix of compressors for required loads. If loads change, the compressor selection will change to maintain these loads and increase efficiency. This dynamic compressor selection allows for reduced run time on compressors and more effective use of compressor output. The results are reduced maintenance costs of equipment and substantial energy savings. This approach to maximizing the coefficient of performance (COP) of all system devices, not just compressors, is the basis for the TCI energy saving initiative.

How do we get service for our TCI Enhanced Refrigeration Control System?

TechCold has adapted an open architecture approach to providing control solutions. The TCI system incorporates hardware components which are readily available from local suppliers and can be installed/modified by plant personnel or local integrators. We feel that it is very important for our clients to have full access to their TCI Control System. Our non-proprietary approach ensures that our clients will always have access to their TCI system allowing for easy expansion of the control system to accommodate any additional equipment or future expansions.

TechCold also offers service through remote access and onsite assistance as well. TCI can monitor the systems and fine tune many aspects from our offices. The first year of service is included in the cost, after which a service agreement is offered.

How much energy can we save with TCI?

The level of energy savings afforded by TCI will vary from one facility to the next. Many variables will affect the levels of savings in any one plant. Examples include:

  • Throughput of product
  • Weather conditions
  • Equipment utilization
  • Energy costs
  • Changes in plant operations

These variables are always taken into consideration when establishing estimated energy savings and payback periods. Based on the data collected, we can generate savings and payback through system modeling in software. Our in-house developed modeling software will compare current operating parameters to how your plant would operate under TCI control. It is through the use of this energy analysis software that we can provide estimated energy savings and ROI with confidence.