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How does TCI save energy?

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The algorithms that have been programmed into the TCI processor offer control over devices in ‘real time’. What this means is that TCI will auto rank devices such as compressors to meet the demands of the system and load these devices based on capacities. For example, it is very inefficient to run screw compressors unloaded. TCI will choose which compressors to run, load the compressors to as close to 100% as feasible and choose the right mix of compressors for required loads. If loads change, the compressor selection will change to maintain these loads and increase efficiency. This dynamic compressor selection allows for reduced run time on compressors and more effective use of compressor output. The results are reduced maintenance costs of equipment and substantial energy savings. This approach to maximizing the coefficient of performance (COP) of all system devices, not just compressors, is the basis for the TCI energy saving initiative.