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Ice Rink Control

Our line of Pro-Act rink controllers have been installed in many recreational ice rinks including both hockey and curling facilities. Whether it’s a multi-pad, multi-plant facility or a single pad rink, we have the products to accommodate your needs. With increasing energy costs and a focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, one of the most cost effective ways to reduce both energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions is through enhanced refrigeration controls. The refrigeration process can account for up to 80% of an ice rink facility’s energy usage. Through upgraded, automated controls, a typical ice rink can reduce their energy bill 15% - 35%.

Pro-Act Features:

TechCold International currently offers three models of rink controllers using infrared technology. Infrared technology allows very accurate control of ice temperatures resulting in high quality, consistent surfaces not possible with standard thermostat type controls.

Please click on the links below to view some of the features and benefits of the Pro-Act controllers, including the new Pro-Act XP Touch controller, which incorporates a local color touch screen with all the same great features of our standard Pro-Act XP controller:

pdf smPro-Act Plus Product Sheet (PDF - 494KB)
pdf smProAct_XP_Product_Sheet.pdf
pdf smProAct_XPTouch_Product_Sheet.pdf

Ice Rink Control Screenshots:

 rink-control-01-sm rink-control-02-sm
Typical Pro-Act scheduler Screen Rink Overview Screen Engine Room Screen (Pro-Act Plus)

Please contact us for more information on our Ice Rink Control System.